What’s in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – May 2018

We’re nearing the end of May, which means we’re going to start seeing many of our subscription boxes arrive at the door this month. The first one we got for May was from Loot Gaming, with what appeared to be a thinner box than normal. So we cracked it open to see what they sent us this month.

The first item in the box was a Jawblade Replica from Monster Hunter: World. This is a lovely little display that isn’t more than 8″ long and comes with its own small display rack. The design on this is quite nice — the teeth are well done on the top of the blade along with a hint of green and red along the base to show the monster was a herbivore and that this was essentially removed from its skull. Beyond that, it really doesn’t do much beyond be a replica to sit on your shelf or desk. So this is basically an item for the hardcore fan of the series that looks pretty cool.

Next up is the pin from this month’s box, this one in the form of a bloody bear trap. This one is well done with the perfect mix of red and silver. Not entirely sure about the choice to put a white background on one side while the other is open, but it works. Especially with the strips of bacon in the middle making it also appear to be a human trap. The only downside is that it has a metal backing, which we’re not a fan of when it comes to tearing on clothes and skin. A great design, though!

Moving to a comic book, we got sent a print of Batman: Arkham City. For those who may not have seen this years ago, this is basically a lead-in comic that establishes the world of Arkham City before Bruce gets himself locked up to infiltrate the prison and find out what the hell is going on inside. The pages are well drawn and the story (spoiler free) is what you would expect from the developers and writers behind the Rocksteady title. This was an awesome get.

Moving along to Far Cry 5, the first of two items from them is a bathroom pack. The outside is in khaki green with the game’s logo on one side and Hope County’s logo on the other. The pack itself is pretty simple, as it’s just a carryall for all your toiletries. There aren’t any hidden pockets or special goodies that came with it, but it’s well designed and will hold up over a long period of time (provided you’re not the kind of traveler or camper who abuses the hell out of their gear). This was another nice item to receive.

The other Far Cry 5 item in the mix is a poster, the primary art of the game where it has all the cultists sitting at a table in the pose of The Last Supper. This is a good item for fans of the game, but it’s got the same issue we have with a lot of posters where it’s folded and not rolled up, so we got to iron out these creases. Beyond that, a solid poster.

Finally, the make-or-break item of the box: the t-shirt. This time we got a Dark Souls shirt to celebrate the release of Dark Soul Remastered. This is some amazing art as we get a side-pose of the knight kneeling down, but it’s done from the chest-up. The shirt is designed in a way to make it look like he’s been painted on the shirt, but more of a splash pattern as if it’s incomplete. I love this look and both the fabric and feel of it are great. This is an absolute must-have kind of item.

Overall, if I had to put a percentage on this, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. There’s a lot of good items in here, but there are also ones where I’m kinda left thinking “…meh.” Like, if we didn’t get it, I wouldn’t be heartbroken. But that doesn’t make it a bad box because my taste is different than others. It’s just a weird mix of items with some good and some not so good, but nothing terrible. I do look forward to see what June will have in store from Loot Gaming.

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