Ubisoft Shows Off More Gear for Rainbow Six Siege's Italian Operators

Ubisoft Shows Off More Gear for Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian Operators

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The new addition of Operation Para Bellum is right around the corner for Rainbow Six Siege, but before it gets added to the game, Ubisoft is taking every opportunity to introduce the two new operators and their gear to you so you become familiar with it. Below is a brand-new video they released today showing off some of the new gadgets.

The worst of the bunch has to be Alibi, which is three holographic projections that if you shoot them you will be revealed for the next few seconds. The other items shown off is Maestro’s sentry gun, which is basically an indestructible drone that needs explosives to be destroyed. Enjoy the video and description below.


Operation Para Bellum introduces an Italian CTU to Rainbow Six Siege, including two new Operators with devious gadgets along with a new map set in a stately countryside villa. Alibi uses deceptive decoys to fool the attacking team, while Maestro sets up sturdy surveillance cameras that can shoot lasers. See how these gadgets work and get a head start with some new defensive strategies. Operation Para Bellum will also introduce the Pick & Ban system. This pre-game phase adds another level of strategy as teams try to secure their desired Operators while banning others to disrupt their opponents’ plans.

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