There Was Going to Be a Final Fantasy Tactics 2, Until It Was Scrapped

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If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, prepare to have your heart broken: it was revealed this past weekend that there was going to be a sequel to the PS1 game, until it was scrapped by Square Enix.

During a livestream yesterday, Tactics series director Yasumi Matsuno was talking about the latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV with the “Return To Ivalice” raid, which included Matsuno chatting with some of his old team members during the stream and the playthrough. During that session, we got some news we had heard about in rumor but never saw any product of, and that was the big reveal that there was a sequel being planned for the game.

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According to translations, the story was that the game was being planned out around the same time as Vagrant Story, with Hironobu Sakaguchi planning out FFT2. At the time, Squaresoft decided they would outsource the project as a regular 2D title since 3D (like the original Tactics was) was expensive at the time, and the map would have been changed to a hexagon pattern. But for what Matsuno called “a number of reasons”, the project was scrapped by the company and never saw the light of day. Below are images from the game that they showed off during the stream, which look interesting and probably would have been another awesome step forward in the series. In fact, based on these images, it’s safe to say games that have come out since wouldn’t look the same if they had. Maybe this will push Square Enix to revisit the project with modern graphics.

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