Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 20th May 2018 – ‘Readers Realized There Was No Wedding in the Wedding Special’

This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Top Ten Bestselling Comic Books Of The Week.

  1. Batman #47
  2. Justice League: No Justice #2
  3. Avengers #2
  4. Superman Special #1
  5. Mighty Thor Gates of Valhalla #1
  6. X-Men Wedding Special #1
  7. New Challengers #1
  8. X-Men Red #4
  9. Barrier #3
  10. Hunt For Wolverine Claws of the Killer #1

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Who had this to say,

Very mediocre week – top 4 books were all very close to outranking each other in sales – no standouts.
Not a lot of regular titles out this week but plenty of top-selling Specials. Batman and Avengers were neck and neck though, with Batman at the slight advantage. I’m honestly relieved to see a Marvel book that sells those kinds of numbers, so please, keep doing that Marvel.


A pretty small batch of new comics led to an unusual sales week — We lead with a pair of Image titles, as WICKED & DIVINE and BARRIER slog it out for the top spot. The second JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE nudges past the conclusion to the Booster Gold storyline in BATMAN, and the GATES OF VALHALLA special to eak a few more dollars out of MIGHTY THOR surpasses the second issue of AVENGERS (or is it really #692? Sales are already back below what the weekly was delivering) The real surprise, however, was ISOLA #1 rushing back into our top ten for the week, some six weeks after release, narrowly beating out NEW CHALLENGERS #1 (which was pretty great) — smells like speculators!


It was definitely a tentpole title week, as the second issues of both the newest iteration of AVENGERS as well as JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE both sit in top spots on our best sellers list. The core BATMAN title also hanging around up there is no surprise at this point. Rounding out the top half of the list is the Jane Foster-era Thor coda MIGHTY THOR GATES OF VALHALLA and the third issue of the absolutely superb BARRIER limited series.

The second half of the list is mostly the expected solid sellers: a new SUPERMAN SPECIAL, and the most recent issues of X-MEN RED and KICK-ASS. Bringing up the rear is the latest of DC’s New Age Of Heroes offerings: NEW CHALLENGERS #1.


Not a bad week. Batman of course took the top spot. DC’s Batman wedding invite promo is popular. Even had a person call saying the other stores were running low on them and stop to get one because it was selling online for $5. Didn’t buy anything. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers breaks into our top ten. It has gone upwards in sales which in this comic market is quite the accomplishment. Aquaman also somehow seems to have gone up in sales for us. No really big surprises this week.


Strong sales for Batman and No Justice, with New Challengers performing well. X-Men Wedding Special make the top ten, but did a little less than we had anticipated as readers realized there was no wedding in the wedding special. Superman Special #1 performed about 10% above the numbers of the first-day sales on the final issue of Superman.


Notable sales:

Tales of Suspense #39 5.0 $2,500 – Never Underestimate Facebook’s reach, we had this pictures of this book along with other big keys on Facebook the moment we got it and it was sold within 4 hours. Within the first few days of the post we had already moved a first Hawkeye, First Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-man #8 and #6, and an FF #13. Thank you Facebook!

Superman #24 4.5 $1,500. This CBCS graded classic flag cover flew up, up, and away yesterday afternoon.

Action Comics #252 4.5 (ESTIMATED) $1,400. The demand for Silver Age continues to increase; this nice mid-grade copy of Supergirls’ first appearance sold in less than a week!

Superman vs Muhammed Ali #1 VF $100. This great Treasury Edition only lasted about two weeks before someone pulled the trigger on it.

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