Knights Chronicle Scores 500k Pre-Registered Players

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Netmarble is about to release a brand new mobile RPG called Knights Chronicle, and have been taking sign-ups for pre-order of the game. This week, the company sent out a press release letting fans know they already have a userbase of 500,000 players signed up before launch. The company has been offering a load of items for those who sign up, including an SSR rated 6-star Rebecca, becoming a member of the White Knights, 1 million gold for your pocket, and 200 diamonds as a bonus. All of which contributed to getting such an impressive signup. The game is set to launch sometime this summer for iOS and Android devices. Here’s some of the details they gave out from their press release.


Knights Chronicle’s story will be fully supported by immersive 3D graphics and models and the characters’ voices will be voiced by renowned voice actors, showing the same standard of quality and experience as console and PC RPGs. The unique passive skills of each hero and special rules for each stage require that players employ deep strategy and provide layered gameplay for those desiring a mobile and full-fledged RPG.

“Knights Chronicle is a shining example of an RPG done right and we’re so excited to see that many are agreeing with us,” said Youngjae Park, Netmarble’s Division Director. “With the inspiring amount of support we have received so far, we are truly grateful to be providing a fleshed out RPG experience for people to take with them wherever they are on their mobile devices.”

Knights Chronicle offers turn-based elements, beautiful Japanese animation-inspired battle scenes and a compelling story, qualities found in games regularly released on consoles. The game features more than 100 heroes, and follows the adventures of Theo and his friends as they uncover a hidden past and prevent the ruin of the planet ‘Garniel’.

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