Supergirl Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: Shelter from the Storm

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This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season three episode – Shelter from the Storm.






Shelter from the Storm
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The episode starts with James (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena (Katie McGrath) sharing a morning sunrise after spending the night in her hotel room at the Baldwin. As they talk about trust and being together, Reign (Odette Annable) busts into the room through the window, demanding to know where Ruby (Emma Tremblay) is. James pulls up his shield to defend them while Lena gets a spray bottle full of the Kryptonite she makes and hits Reign with it, sending her off. Switch to J’onn (David Harewood) and M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) as J’onn is getting ready for work by M’yrnn is having some issues with his memories and doesn’t want to do his exercises for it. Meanwhile at the DEO, the Legion prepare to go home. Imra (Amy Jackson) explains that the other status chambers are filled with Legion members who came down with the blight, hence them not waking them to help fight. Chameleon is name dropped in the scene. Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) says they’re all cured now, that the threat to the future is passed but they need to get home because Imra needs to make sure the alliance with Titan remains without the threat of Blight. Mon-El (Chris Wood) looks hesitant, but they say their goodbyes to Kara (Melissa Benoist), Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Winn (Jeremy Jordan). Brany gives Winn some future Earth dirt and they bro-hug in a very geeky but funny moment. Winn comments about J’onn missing saying goodbye, but Mon-El says not to worry, he’ll see them in a 1,000 years indicating that the Martian Manhunter will still be alive then.

The goodbye is cut short with news of Reign attacking Lena, Supergirl and Alex head there while the Legion take off. J’onn meets them at the hotel and Lena explains that she has Ruby in a safe place and that electricity can hurt Reign. They also figure out that Patricia Arias (Betty Buckley) might be Reign’s next stop. Alex heads out to Lex Luthor’s mansion to protect Ruby while J’onn and Kara go to Patricia’s. They discover that Sam had been drawing the Reign symbols since she was a kid and Patricia feels like she failed Sam and want to try and help. They ambush Reign when she arrives, but they don’t realize that she now has the powers of Pestilence and Purity along with her own. Reign wounds Patricia and J’onn and Kara barely gets them away. Back at the DEO, Patricia dies after making Kara promise to tell Ruby that her grandmother loves her. J’onn and Kara go to M’yrnn to find out how he reached the White Martians and get the idea to play to Reign’s own beliefs. James goes to Lena and pleads for her to tell Supergirl about the Kryptonite. Ruby, worried about her mom, uses Alex’s phone to try and call her, giving Reign her location. Just before the Legion jump to the future, we find out Brainy hid a bug in the dirt he gave Winn and knows that Reign now has all three Worldkiller powers. He tells Mon-El that the chances of Supergirl defeating her are only 51%, had only one Legion member stayed behind, it would jump to 88.4%. Imra hears this and tells Mon-El to go back and help Kara. And after, if he returns to the future then she’ll know it is for her.

Lena arrives with some supercharged Kryptonite in a lead container. Supergirl is pissed that she made it and reacts badly, telling Lena she must destroy the formula and turn it all over to Alex. The relationship between the two is very strained. Word comes that Reign is on her way to Lex’s mansion. J’onn is still too weak from Reign’s attack to go and Supergirl can’t use the Kryptonite, luckily this is when Mon-El returns and he goes with Kara. Alex and the mansion defenses fight off Reign for as long as they can, but are about to lose when Supergirl and Mon-El arrive. We get a pretty cool battle with Reign holding her own against all three of them, but losing her mask and Ruby seeing her that Reign is her mom. Finally, after fighting back and forth, Mon-El crushes the Kryptonite into bullets (just let that one go) and fires them at Reign through a Gatling gun. They get her back to the containment cell at Lena’s lab where Supergirl tries to apologize for how she reacted earlier. Alex talks to Ruby and promises to never lie to her again. Kara heads to see Ruby, to giver he Patricia’s message. Kara runs into Lena on the way over and Lena still hasn’t figured out that Kara is Supergirl. She tells Kara that James didn’t search the vault and that she is basically only playing nice with Supergirl to stop Reign.

There are some really good moments in this episode. Patricia’s death was well done and the moments between J’onn and M’yrnn are heartbreaking. The Legion moments played well as does the relationship between James and Lena. But the dispute between Lena and Supergirl seems forced and the fact that Lena hasn’t figured out that Kara is Supergirl is just ridiculous at this point. She knows that Mon-El is Kara’s ex and that Alex is Kara’s sister and that J’onn is like family. A woman who figured out how to make Kryptonite can’t see that Kara and Supergirl are the same? And how exactly do you make and alien mineral? I know Richard Pryor tried to in Superman III and that didn’t go very well. This season feels like it was going in one direction and then suddenly the swerved and have changed course but are having to uses some bumpy roads to get where they’re trying to end up

The episode ends with a girl sneaking into the ‘church’ where Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) preaches to his followers about Supergirl, Krypton and Rao. She steals a journal from the podium and makes her way out of the building while to other followers give chase, ask her to come back and return the journal. We know from the synopsis for the next episode that this journal can give Kara and James information on how to stop Reign. The trailer for next week focuses on the journal that girl ran off with and the idea of James publicly coming out as the Guardian so that he can be a positive role model.

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