Patrick Zircher: No One Is Locked Out of Comics Because of Politics

Mark Waid may have deleted his account, but comic book creator Patrick Zircher's is back — and he's stepping up. Zircher has something to say in light of the situation regarding the Jawbreakers graphic novel, Antarctic Press, and Richard Meyer, and while once he posted this…

…he seems to have had a Road to Damascus moment.

And he's getting handy with the block button.

He offered a little perspective too.

He even made his social media experience more efficient.

And he talked it through with Richard Meyer's cover artist and current fellow DC Comics freelancer Ethan Van Sciver.

And then one of the more astute comments to make as all sorts of accusations get flung around…

He also let people know he has new DC Comics work on the way.

Many similar conversations are happening all over this place. This is just one that stood out.

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