The Last Days of Frank N. Stein

The Last Days of Frank N. Stein

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Keith Champagne writes…

Hey Bleeding Coolers, Keith here. Bear with me if I make even less sense than usual; it’s been a long month. I’m bleary-eyed and a little punch drunk at this point in the Frank N. Stein: Private Eye Kickstarter campaign that Dev Madan and I have been running. These things take an extraordinary amount of time, thought and energy; three things I rarely have enough of as anyone who knows me will readily attest.

Frank N, Stein: Private Eye is having its last gasps now, four days left in the campaign as I write this. Dev and I hit our initial funding goal within the first week but we’re still pushing towards our stretch goals of expanding the page count and getting the book published in a hardcover format. We had one final stretch goal loosely planned, animating one of the stories in the book and getting it to backers as a special thanks but I’m not too concerned with that anymore. My attention is focused on the here and now and our primary concern are the first two goals I mentioned.

Maybe you’re wondering if an offbeat comic like Frank N. Stein: Private Eye is for you. Well, you can learn more about the book on the Kickstarter page but let me ask you a few questions and see if you and Frankie would hit it off. 1) Do you like comics? 2) Do you like monsters? 3) Do you like comics about a monster that makes a living as a private dick because other people’s problems/woes distract him from his own broken heart? 4) Did you like Avengers: Infinity War? That’s really neither here nor there, I just added it for the extra hits the SEO will bring in.

Dev and I put all our love and care into putting together a book we know everyone will enjoy. It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s got some heart and soul and damn, do the pictures sing. The best part of all is that the book is done. Aside from the stretch goal material, we’re ready to go to print! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, we’d really appreciate if you’d take a minute to click on over and give Frankie a peep. And just like when we began this whole roller coaster, if any Bleeding Cool readers choose to back Frankie, you’ll get something extra in your package for the trouble. All you gotta do is leave a comment with the words, “BLEEDING COOL” and when the book arrives in your mailbox, you’ll have an extra trade or sketch or poster or autographed pic of Scott Baio along with it. So if you (or someone you know) like free stuff as much as you like comics, monsters, comics about a monster that makes a living as a private dick because other people’s problems/woes distract him from his own broken heart and Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve pretty much got you covered here from our home base here in MonsterTown.

Thanks for your time and help, everyone. If I’m every crazy enough to do another Kickstarter, I’m just doing straight porn. Everything else is way too stressful.

Your pal,


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