Sega Confirms We'll See a New Sakura Wars Title by Q1 2019

Sega Confirms We’ll See a New Sakura Wars Title by Q1 2019

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You’re going to be seeing us do some commentary on gaming financial reports over the next week as people are now starting to come back with the results of their first quarter results. But one that caught a lot of people’s attention was a mention by Sega in regards to Sakura Wars. The company already made headlines earlier this year by announcing that they had a new game in the works for the series, but like a lot of announcements, the details were vague and a lot of what we wanted to hear was missing. That’s just the way things go. But the recent financial report from the company gave clue as to when you’ll be seeing it.


Below is a page from the report, which you can check out in full here, where the company basically outlines when you’re going to be seeing them release their biggest titles, games, machines, toys, online services, and more. It’s a really cool outlook to see their plans on paper for the next year. But if you look at that last column on the right, you’ll see working plans for the first quarter of 2019, which includes the new Sakura Wars title. So if this plan holds and there aren’t any major delays, there’s a pretty decent chance we’ll see the game released by the end of March 2019. Which would mean a “theoretical timeline” of seeing a trailer at E3, possibly a demo at PAX West, for sure one at Tokyo Games Fest, and maybe a few more outings at other conventions. But of course, that’s just hopeful speculation on our part.

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