If You Want to See Pages of Christian Ward’s Thor #1, Read His Newsletter

Lots of comic creators are getting into the newsletter game of late. Christian Ward is just one.

He writes, regarding the upcoming Thor #1 with Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo.

I worked my socks off to not only honour Jason’s brilliant script but also so I could shoulder to shoulder to Mike Del Mundo, whose producing career best work as the main Thor. Just maybe, I think I might be. I’ll let you be the judge as Marvel have very kindly given me permission to exclusively reveal one of my pages from Thor #1 right here for you now! Please don’t share this online but do feel free to talk about it to make everyone not on this mailing list jealous. I’m going for a pure 70’s psych-rock album cover aesthetic and I hope you all dig it.

It is rather spectacular. I will abide by his wishes – but if you want to see for yourself, sign up here.  He may well send it out again. But he also talked about his upcoming work, and a new ongoing series starting in 2019 to be announced in a couple of months…

and talking about SDCC ( well, it’ was just a side step away ) my next long form project is getting announced there! This will follow my three issue run on Thor and i believe the plan is for issue 1 next February. I can’t say anything about it, only that fans of ODY-C will be happy ( and no sorry it’s not ODY-C vol 3 ) and it’s written by a fantastic writer who writes one of Marvels most beloved best selling books. Let the guessing game begin!

..and the not so much news is that I’ve pitched my first self penned mini series. If it gets green lit, it’ll be a 4 issue mini that I’ll both write and draw. Again, can’t say much, only that it’s a radical take on a licensed property. Publisher is game, we’re just waiting on the property owners. Keep your fingers crossed for me.   Let the guessing game begin- part 2!

Anyone fancy a go?


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