Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves ARE Returning as Bill & Ted for 3rd Film

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With Cannes Film Festival happening in France for the next two weeks, expect a wash of information to come in about upcoming films, picture deals, and news. One of the most nostalgically awesome (and long-rumored) tidbits happened this morning, with word coming that both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are indeed reprising their roles as Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq. for a third Bill & Ted film.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves
Photo by Peggy Sirota for Entertainment Weekly

Deadline writes that Bloom, the company handling international sales of Bill and Ted Face the Music, has been shopping the threequel around. MGM still holds the rights, and Orion Pictures (I love that they’re still around) will be handling stateside release of the flick, which is currently in pre-production.

The outlet went on to report that Reaves and Winter said:

“We couldn’t be more excited to get the whole band back together again. Chris and Ed wrote an amazing script, and with Dean at the helm we’ve got a dream team!”

This revisit to a not-quite-classic-but-totally-a-classic ranchise comes with original creators Chris Matheson (Imagine That) and Ed Solomon (Men in Black) returning along with Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) directing. This is probably the most exciting part of the production, aside from, you know, Wyld Stallyns reuniting.

“Everybody’s a little older now,” Reeves said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of a third film. “A little afraid.”

“There’s certain comparisons,” said Winter. “A rock band that never goes to the place it thought it was going to get to. Having that moment in their life of going: ‘Do we try to get there, or give up the dream?’”

“Indomitable spirits confronted with, ‘Is this the end?’” Reeves continued. “Of course, there is a little caveat in that someone comes from the future and says: ‘Not only do you have to save the world, you have to save everything.’”

“I think it’s kind of like A Christmas Carol with Bill and Ted,” teased Solomon. “Looking at their lives, and really kind of rediscovering what they’re about.”

We’ll let you know when more information about the 3rd Bill & Ted film becomes available. San Dimas High School football RULES!

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