Swery’s The Good Life has a Baffling New Story Trailer

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is best known for making Deadly Premonition, but the latest trailer for The Good Life has added a decidedly different flare to the brand of strange we expect out of him.

The newest trailer for The Good Life is a story trailer, and shows off all of its characters in action: from the humans to the dogs and cats, we get to see the major players in action. The trailer is narrated in Japanese with English subtitles, and gives us the overall plot. Naomi, a New York photographer, finds herself in some serious debt, so she moves to a quiet, sleepy English Village. However, she’s pretty quickly disabused of all those “quaint” notions of a new life as she starts to miss the various luxuries of a big city – like WiFi and cell phone service.

Desperate to leave, Naomi picks up a series of odd jobs to pay off her debt. During the course of her attempts to return to New York, she discovers the town’s shocking secret: Everyone turns into dogs and cats at night. As weird as that might be, it isn’t the biggest surprise. Naomi then uncovers the body of a dead woman floating in a pond, and that sparks the game’s murder mystery plot.

Now, the trailer has quite a few typos in that English subtitling, but it does still do a good job of showing off Naomi’s personality in an attempt to make her relatable. And it does a pretty decent job. As easy as it might be to hear the complaints about the lack of luxuries in rural England and get annoyed, most of Naomi’s gripes are things the average gamer could appreciate, what with her internet addiction. We also learn that Naomi’s got a serious love for good food, and a soft spot for milkshakes.

So, while the whole premise of the game is the kind of thing only Swery could imagine, it does look like it’ll be some fun to play. And Naomi is a surprisingly compelling protagonist.

The Good Life will be a fully open-world game, with a day-night cycle, for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4. It’s expected to release some time in 2019.

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