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Backlash 2018: Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns Face Off

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Was Roman Reigns ready for Samoa Joe? After a string of awful matches against Brock Lesnar, it was nice to see Reigns square off with someone else. This is Joe’s first big match since being back from his injury, so why not have him go against Reigns? It’ll renew interest in Reigns, and face it: everyone loves Joe. They can make each other look great.

Joe came out hot in as soon as Reigns got into the ring. He wasted no time on Reigns, even putting him through an announcers’ table. The bell hadn’t even rung, but this fight was going on no matter what. This match was a strong showing by both men. Joe was relentless and quick, but so was Reigns. It’s good to see Joe back in the ring. He’s aware of his surroundings, and he is a threat.

The match got intense near the end. Joe got Reigns in a powerful Cocina Clutch, but Reigns somehow was able to keep going, though he was sluggish. Reigns took the victory at the very end, though, which seems rather undeserved. All in all, this was certainly one way to end this co-brand PPV!

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