Big Cass Goes One-on-One with Daniel Bryan [Backlash 2018]

Backlash 2018: Big Cass Goes One-on-One with Daniel Bryan

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This match had a solid lead-up the past few weeks. The newly returned Big Cass has had it out for Daniel Bryan since returning, since he feels his return was overshadowed by the (more popular) Bryan. This was an excellent angle for creative to play, since both men could benefit from facing off in the ring.

Bryan got the first hit in, setting the tone for the match. He wasn’t going down without a fight, and even focused on Cass’s bad knee. Bryan hit hard, hit fast, and he wasn’t afraid to throw himself either. Cass got a few licks in as well, using his height to his advantage. Cass is a powerful guy too, so it was fun finally seeing him show off what he can do.

In the end Bryan got him to tapout in a Yes Lock, and all was good with the world.

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