TotalBiscuit Announces Critic Retirement After an Update on His Health

TotalBiscuit Announces Critic Retirement After an Update on His Health

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Yesterday night, an announcement was sent out by John “TotalBiscuit” Bain on Reddit, updating fans on his health and letting people know that he was officially retiring from being a games critic. Bain has been one of the most recognizable critics on YouTube and gained popularity in the earlier part of this decade for his “WTF is…” series, which helped grow his channel and popularity among gamers during the giant YouTube gamer boom. In 2014, Bain was diagnosed with cancer and started taking time away from YouTube, as well as removing himself from actively posting on social media, while he sought treatment and focused on other projects. Last night, we received an update that shows while he has been seeking treatment, his body has become resistant to all forms of traditional chemo.


Unfortunately this was followed up a couple of days later with some more bad news. My liver is failing and its effectiveness has lowered past the point where the clinical trials I had been offered would take me on. Yes apparently there are things that are too dangerous for even the terminal. Obviously we’re going to keep looking for other trials but I’m currently coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have long left and right now at any rate, there is literally nothing I can do about it other than try to manage the pain as best as possible and stay as hydrated as possible to ease the pressure on the liver. There are quite a few pain management options left to try and the ones that I am using can be increased in dosage quite significantly if need be. The majority of the pain is being caused by pressure on the spine from hardened nodules in the liver and lung as well as fluid. We haven’t fully explored the options for dealing with all of that, but its high priority so that my quality-of-life can improve.

While Bain focuses on his personal health and spending time with his wife, he assured fans that he would be continuing with his podcast in a streamlined two-hour format where they’ll be trimming out some of the fat. We at Bleeding Cool would like send our best wishes to TotalBuscuit and his family.

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