Nerd Beauty: GLAMGLOW's Rita Repulsa Mask Draws Out the Evil Dirt

Nerd Beauty: GLAMGLOW’s Rita Repulsa Mask Draws Out the Evil Dirt from Your Face

Posted by April 30, 2018 Comment

We’re all familiar with Rita Repulsa, the main villain from the first few seasons of Power Rangers. In the newest Power Rangers movie we learn she was a ranger as well — a green ranger. So naturally, GLAMGLOW released a fitting mud mask in her honor.

The packaging is attractive, and it really gets the characters aesthetic across. Now, time to actually try the mask.

After gently shaking the tube I applied it to my face. I’m proud to say I’m getting marginally better at applying these masks, as well as being more careful with not getting it in my hair. After waiting a half hour I peeled the mask off with very little difficulty. And as always with GLAMGLOW’s products, my skin felt soft and refreshed afterward.

You can grab it on their website right now for $21. I really love GLAMGLOW, and I think you will too.

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