Overwatch Devs Throw Out More Details Over Symmetra’s Coming Changes

Ever since it was announced that Symmetra would be moving to be a defensive hero in Overwatch from the support hero group, fans of the character (including us) have been worried as to what it would mean for her abilities and the way she plays in the game. Some of that speculation has been quelled and to a degree, has made some fans excited, as one of the team’s developers Geoff Goodman jumped on the Blizzard forums to answer a question from a fan.


We currently have moved her to Defense. We tried a healer version which had her turrets healing instead of dealing damage, but it felt super awkward, especially with how fast Overwatch moves.

That said, we are playing with a new way her turrets deploy. Instead of having to stick them directly onto a wall herself, she can now fire an un-deployed version like a projectile, which sticks to walls/ceilings/etc. Once it sticks, it will unfold like it does on the wall currently when she builds them.

This helps for a bunch of reasons but one of the big ones is that it makes it a lot easier to play her on offense or just be able to preposition her turrets much more easily/quickly.

The idea of being able to aim where her turrets go is an amazing improvement that (speaking as someone who uses Symmetra frequently) would greatly help improve gameplay. Right now you can only place them within a certain amount of space depending on how high or far you can reach. Being able to shoot them up from afar would be an amazing tactical improvement. Of course, we won’t know how this all plays out until they add the changes in the PTR, but that is going to change a lot of strategies for people and turn her into a much more tactical character.

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