Blizzard Shows Off New Alliance and Horde Races in World Of Warcraft

Blizzard Shows Off New Alliance and Horde Races in World Of Warcraft

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Blizzard revealed a couple new options for races in the new races that will be coming along in the next World Of Warcraft expansion called Battle for Azeroth. They’ve been revealed as Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs. You can click this link to check out the complete stats and information behind each one, but for now, here’s a look at them along with a brief description provided by the devs. We’re digging the look of the Orcs ourselves as they stand out a tad more than their other World Of Warcraft counterparts and look extra menacing.


Alliance: Dark Iron Dwarves

Known for their fiery tempers and fierce determination, Dark Iron dwarves have a turbulent history with the other clans. A failed coup in Ironforge ignited the War of the Three Hammers, and many of the Dark Iron once fought in the service of Ragnaros the Firelord. Though one faction is pledged to Queen-Regent Moira Thaurissan, others refuse to stand alongside their kin. The Alliance seeks a united Dark Iron clan to harness the power of Azerite and aid their struggle against the Horde.


Horde: Mag’har Orc

For untold generations, the orc clans of Draenor battled one another in endless war. But when Gul’dan offered them the blood of his demonic masters, the disparate tribes of Mag’har—the orcish word for “uncorrupted”—refused the dark bargain and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream, the Mag’har pledged to one day repay Azeroth’s heroes for aiding their cause. As war against the Alliance intensifies, the Horde must call upon the might of the Mag’har to seize victory.

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