Were [SPOILERS] Last Lines in Infinity War Another Pop Culture Reference?

Posted by April 28, 2018 Comment

Okay, we’re getting deep into spoiler territory now. This is no Forbes or Reddit, but this is may reveal something about the final few minutes of Avengers: Infinity War so, again, if you are going to see the movie this weekend, maybe come back after that?

There’s a running gag in the movie that Peter Parker, Spider-Man, makes pop culture references that annoys Tony Stark. Even though one reference to a ‘really old movie’ such as Aliens helps save the day, as Tony says ‘the kid’s seen more movies’. And, of course, he finds common cause with another Peter, Quill. And though forbidden from making any more references, could his final scene have revealed one more?

Being held by Tony Stark, his final words are ‘I don’t want to go’.

I’ve heard those words before. Betcha Peter has too…

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