Go Go Power Rangers #9 - The Origin of Ranger Slayer and First Appearance of

Go Go Power Rangers #9 – The Origin of Ranger Slayer and First Appearance of

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Every issue of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid has big surprises for fans. We’ve even been known to run spoilers on one or two of them to highlight this. But somehow every issue of this event keeps selling out, even the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual priced at $7.99.

And just like we warned you that the aforementioned oversized issue would sell out, I’m hearing Go Go Power Rangers #9 by Ryan Parrott and Dan Mora, on sale this Wednesday, might already be close to selling out at Diamond.

Spoilers Ahead for both…

In Go Go Power Rangers #9, we get the comics-lore confirmation that Ranger Slayer is Kimberly Hart (AKA the Pink Ranger) from Drakkon’s universe. She’s traveled back in time to fight against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers…but went back a bit too far.

And…she’s not alone. She’s got the GraveZord with her.

We’ve seen the first appearance of Lord Drakkon in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 rising in value after the excitement over Shattered Grid. The first appearance of the Ranger Slayer in Go Go Power Rangers #8 sold out immediately and the second print hits stores this week.

And now her Zord is debuting a month earlier than fans expected? In an event where every issue sells out the same day it goes on-sale? And it looks like THIS?

Yeah, I might as well write the second printing announcement for BOOM! right now…

Plus don’t forget that Free Comic Book Day issue. We spoiled one of the big moments…. but that’s not the only big Power Rangers reveal coming on May 5th

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