Disney Rolls Out the Big Guns at Cinemacon 2018

Disney Rolls Out the Big Guns at Cinemacon 2018

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Disney sat down for a combined State of the Industry and presentation event at Cinema Con 2018. The panel, which ran a full two and a half hours, detailed the state of movie going in general until Disney took over for the latter half. As soon as Disney took over rolled out the big guns and starting firing so much footage that it was hard to keep up. First we got a clip from Avengers: Infinity War that showcases Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy. We have a description of the footage in another article and also in our live blog.

Credit: Disney

Next we moved onto to the other movie that is coming out this year from Marvel Studios; Ant-Man and the Wasp. We got a new trailer that they implied should be released soon. The trailer starts with Scott talking to his daughter about always screwing up as Ant-man and she says that he needs a partner. We get to sees lot of footage of the Wasp and we find out that Hank managed to open a portal to the quantum realm and that is where the Ghost is from. We see a lot of special effects for the ghost including phasing in and out of a lot of objects. We also get a lot more Luis who appears to have started his own business after the events of the first movie. We don’t find out anything about where Scott is during Infinity War. We don’t get a chance to see Janet but we do get to see Laurence Fishburne aka Goliath. They have a conversation about who got “bigger” which could not be more a metaphor for dicks if they tried.

They talked a bit about Captain Marvel and showed the same concept art we saw back in Hall H.

Next we got to see a behind the scene reel from Christopher Robin. Some of the footage wasn’t complete but we did decent looks at all of the various Pooh characters. Out of all of them, so far, Pooh is probably the one that looks the most different compared to the cartoon. He does, that being said, look very much like the original art work. They talked about the importance of capturing the Hundred Acre Wood but also how they moved the characters from the forest and into the city as they help Christopher Robin find happiness in childhood again.

We took a journey to the holidays for Nutcracker and the Four Realms and we, again, got a behind the scenes reel. We got some interviews with the cast and crew including some very good looks at Helen Mirren as Mother Ginger and Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy. There was a lot of half completed and completed footage mixed in together. They are doing a very good job making sure that the four realms look distinctive not just in costumes, which look so detailed, but also in the worlds themselves look very different.

What is probably going to be one of the biggest movies of the year; Mary Poppins Returns. We got what looks like a new trailer though most of it is without voices and just music. Some of the big things that we got to see was a brief return to the animation world that we got in the first movie and a shot of Dick Yan Dyke. At one point we see him dancing and it is delightful. Emily Blunt perfectly captures this character in a way that even die hard Julie Andrews fans are going to love her. We didn’t hear any of the singing still but Disney is probably holding off on all of that for later in the promotional run.

There are also some Disney movies coming out next year that we got a first look at. The first one is the Tim Burton version of Dumbo. So far the only things have seen have been the model at D23 and a few set photos. Now we have a behind the scenes reel that shows us a bunch of footage but not of Dumbo himself. There was a picture and he looks adorable. We got to see some of the cast members in action and some of the cinematography is exactly what you would expect from a Burton version of Dumbo. The colors are bright but everything also had this lovely gold hue to it. The various cast members really talked up the script and experience with Eva Green saying that she had to pinch herself on a few occasions.

Aladdin is right in the middle of post production so they didn’t have a trailer for us but they did have a bunch of behind the scenes footage that shows off the main cast and the world. The first thing that struck me about this footage is the fact that it looks like something out of a Bollywood movie. The colors and costumes were bright with a ton of detail. The cosplayers of the world are going to have either the best or the worst time trying to make these outfits. Disney alps specifically mentioned that Will Smith is not here to replace Robin Williams but to do something completely different. Naomi Scott mentioned that this version of Jasmine is much more assertive and they built the entire city.

Time to jump over to animation and the sequel to the best Fantastic Four movie one of the most beloved Pixar movies yet. We got an extended scene from what appears to be the beginning of Incredibles 2. it opens with a young man being interrogated by what looks like a government official. They are asking him about the “event” in question. He mentions that he asked about this girl out that was seeming to be a lot more confident and it’s Violet. Then The Underminer attacks and a drill comes up from the ground. The Parr Family, despite the fact that Supers are still illegal, shows up to help. Mr. Incredible and Elastic-girl leave the kids with Jack-Jack and go off to help. Dash runs off and leaves Violet with Jack-Jack and she gets mad enough that she throws her mask to the ground and the kid sees her identity. He runs away and back in the present they erase his memory.

Meanwhile the family is still trying to stop this giant drill not that the Underminer got his money and made a run for it with the money. They are attempting to stop the giant drills with the various family members trying and failing to fix it. We see that Violet has some great control over her powers as she splits a rock that was going to crush people. There is destruction but they are trying to save people. Frozone is there trying to help as well and, at one point, two men chase after the supers to talk to them. Eventually they stop the drill and as they are celebrating they arrested. Meanwhile, a man stops Frozone and asks him if he wants to change the superhero law.

One of the best scenes we got to see is from the upcoming Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. The scene begins with Vanellope dropping into a room filled with all of the Disney princesses. What follows is a fantastic scene that includes a ton of jokes at the expense of Disney princesses about father issues and the lack of mothers. Eventually Vanellope convinces them to change into comfy clothes and out of their gowns. We get a few jokes about how the princesses aren’t perfect like Snow White needs glasses and that’s why she poses the way she does. Or that Jasmine is allergic to her tiger and need an inhaler. At one Merida from Brave talks and in her thick accent you can’t understand her. Apparently, no one can, because “she’s from another studio”. Eventually C3PO comes in and tells them that they need to leave. Vanellope eventually tries to pet the raccoon from Pocahontas and is told that “he bites”. The scene is an absolute riot and makes the entire movie look extremely promising.

Another year and another Star Wars movie. The trailers have already been doing a very good job of showing people that they shouldn’t write off Solo: A Star Wars Story just yet. People have been wondering what kind of moments we were going to see in this movie and during the panel we got a look at one of them. The scene opens with Qi’ra, Han, and Chewie arriving in what looks like a dive bar because they need a ship. Qi’ra is singing the praises of the smuggler we are about to meet and we all know that means it’s time to see more of Lando. We meet the smooth talker around a sabacc table. Han joins the table but not before assuring Qi’ra that he can do this. They make a joke at the expense of how to pronounce Han’s name and they begin to play the game. There are a ton of creatures around the table and we get a good look at all of them. The game is a lot of fun to watch and Han does a good job of playing Lando and getting him to bet until the ships are on the line. The clip ended before we saw the outcome.

They closed out the panel with a look at the opening scene from the Lion King remake that we saw at D23. Just like the last time I saw that footage I started to cry because man do I love that movie.

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