Sea Of Thieves Talks About the Whole Single and Duo Player Situation

Sea Of Thieves Talks About the Whole Single and Duo Player Situation

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The biggest elephant int he room for Sea Of Thieves at the moment seems to be the lack of ambition for most players to want to do single-player or duos mode. And we can’t really say we blame them, as we tried it ourselves during the review phase and got slaughtered. Unless you’re on a galleon with a team of three others to help take out all the skeletons and captains as well as defend the ship as you search for treasures, you’re pretty much a sitting duck for when a bigger ship floats by and decides that what’s yours is theirs. I mean, it is a game with the word “thieves” in the title.

Sea Of Thieves

So rare has decided to address the issue head-on with a brand new video they released today, aimed at pointing out all the benefits to being a solo pirate and all the fun you can have with the single and duo player experience. It may not be some kind of fix-all situation for every player, but the video does its best to point out how you can actually have a much more rewarding and fulfilling experience going at it alone or working with a friend to forge ahead or even find a way to make alliances. If you’re still playing Sea Of Thieves and hate having downtime between friends being around, it’s well worth the watch.

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