Rumor: Destiny 2 Warmind Could Bring Back Sleeper Simulant

Bungie just revealed what we can expect out of Destiny 2‘s second expansion yesterday, and with it, a new set of screenshots for DLC has been put up on the game’s official site. Those screenshots included an image of a Warlock carrying a vaguely familiar weapon that fans are now believing is an updated version of the Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle from the original game.

Unlike many of Destiny‘s exotics, the fan favorite powerhouse Sleeper Simulant did not make a return in the sequel, and there are definitely some fans who are unhappy with that fact. However, based on the new image, they might have some hope.

The image in question, is this one:


According to Polygon‘s report on the rumors:

Thanks to some Warmind screenshots that Bungie released yesterday, Destiny players and YouTubers are convinced that Sleeper Simulant will return in the new expansion. And that’s all thanks to this specific image found at the PlayStation Store:

The Titan in the foreground is holding what appears to be Ana Bray’s weapon, with the new Warmind shotgun slung over their back. But the community’s first look at what is likely the Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant comes from the Warlock in the background. Players speculate this is the gun for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it really looks like the Sleeper Simulant. If you take a look at the exotic from the original Destiny, it has the same four plates on the top as this one, as well as a pointed barrel.

However, the most significant piece of evidence is actually the blue light emanating from the barrel. In Destiny 2, power weapons give off a unique color of light, depending on their type. This serves as a warning to other players, letting them know if an enemy has a power weapon equipped or not. Linear fusion rifles — fusion rifles that fire in a straight line — are new to Destiny 2 and comprise their own subweapon class in the fusion rifle family. In the Crucible, linear fusion rifles give off a blue light to indicate they’ve been equipped. The gun in the background of this shot is giving off that same color light.

Sleeper Simulant was something of an anomaly in the original Destiny as it did not get slotted as a secondary weapon like other fusion rifles. Instead, it was slotted as a power weapon because it shot a single beam. In Destiny 2, that weapon archetype exists in other forms, and has created the sub-set of Linear Fusion Rifles apart from regular fusion rifles. And since Linear Fusion Rifles give off a blue glow in Destiny 2, it’s likely what we’re looking at is actually Sleeper Simulant. Or a version of it.

However, we will have to wait until Warmind releases on May 8th to see if Bungie have actually brought the exotic back or are just toying with us.

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