Skyward #1 Goes to Second Printing

Skyward #1 Goes to Second Printing

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My youngest daughter Alice was very cross after reading Skyward #1, the new comic from Image Comics by Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett.

Anyway, she read Skyward #1 from my stack and loved it. Then got really annoyed that there is not another issue right there to read, and that she will have to wait a month for the cliffhanger to be resolved. She is spoilt by graphic novels and trade paperbacks.

I placated her with a copy of that week’s Phoenix Comic. I also checkout out a preview for Skyward #2, and disappointed to find it was a little bit more sweary. A touch down and it could have been all-ages suitable without any issue.

Ah, she’s ten, she’s probably heard worse in the school playground.

Anyway, Skyward seems to have done well enough to sell out from Diamond Comic Distributors and go to a second printing… look for it on the 23rd of May. Same day as I will be able to buy Alice issue 2…

(W) Joe Henderson (A/CA) Lee Garbett
“MY LOW-G LIFE,” Part One: One day, gravity on earth suddenly became a fraction of what it is now. Twenty years later, humanity has adapted to its new low-gravity reality. And to Willa Fowler, a woman born just after G-day, it’s…well, it’s pretty awesome, actually. You can fly through the air! I mean, sure, you can also die if you jump too high. So you just don’t jump too high. And maybe don’t stumble into a dangerous plan to bring gravity back that could get you killed….
From writer JOE HENDERSON (showrunner of Fox’s Lucifer) and artist LEE GARBETT (Lucifer, Loki: Agent of Asgard), SKYWARD is an adventure-filled exploration of our world turned upside down and a young woman’s journey to find her place in it.

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