Omega 1 Creators Looking to Fans to Help Complete the Story Through Kickstarter

Omega 1

It’s been five years since Omega 1’s fourth issue premiered at WonderCon, and the creative team of Hollywood veteran Mark Edward Lewis; DC, Boom!, and Dark Horse artist Emmanuel Xerx Javier; and dynamite Hollywood actress Alina Andrei want to finish out the first saga by releasing issues #5 and #6. To fund the effort, they are turning to Kickstarter with a new campaign that will run until May 17th.

The full six-issue arc is dubbed The Hacker Wars and has been the brainchild of Lewis and Andrei since 2007. Initially conceived as a web series, it morphed to a two-hour television screenplay and then into the comic series. In conjunction with the comics, they have also developed motion comic editions of each installment. The more recent motion releases have been backed by Emmy Award-winning editor Sven Kamm.

The series synopsis is given as:

2023 saw the advent of World War III, but it was a war of information: the Hacker War. Now, the only way to securely transmit data is hand-delivery via highly skilled couriers. Working for the premiere courier company is OMEGA 1, a genetically enhanced she-weapon who is deadly with a sword, fist fights with firearms and can draw metal to herself. She searches for her lost identity while trying to keep herself and her clients’ data in tact. Along with her extraordinarily gifted friends in the company, she must piece together her past to uncover a conspiracy for global control and Aryan genocide. But when she discovers the people responsible for the Hacker War are family, Omega quickly finds herself in ongoing dilemma that juxtaposes her incredible ability to kill and destroy against her heart for love and care.

After one week, they have passed the 33% mark towards their initial goal of $18,000. They have a range of tiers beyond that, up to the $50,000 mark which would also add in chapters 7 and 8. The individual contributor reward tiers range from $15 to $3,000 with the base version including digital copies of the original 1-4 issues. The Kickstarting crew on this one have all been part of other prior successful campaigns so I would expect that the expectation for actual delivery of donor packages to be pretty reliable.

Their experimentation around motion comics, and the industry connections around scripts, it’ll be interesting to see where the project eventually ends up taking them.

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