Square Enix is Hiring More People to Work on Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you think Square Enis isn’t looking to make the Final Fantasy VII remake pop, you might want to reconsider what you know about the company as this week we learned of two new job postings specifically to help make the game better than the predecessor. The jobs can be found here, as the company is hiring a Battle Planner and a Level Planner, both with the concept of creating new content for the game. But according to the job description below, it appears the company isn’t just looking for a remake, they’re looking to make a new and better version that will surpass the original Final Fantasy VII.

1997. “FANTASY VII” boasting over 11 million total shipping and download sales in the global market is said to be the best series masterpiece loved all over the world, such as having a strong fans even now even after 20 years have passed since the release It is also an exaggerated title.

And announced the release of “FF VII” remake work. It is nothing other than aiming for “new creation” that is not just a remake, because the big repercussion has occurred.

What should be noticed is that it is an in-house production system. After 20 years, in order to create a new “FF VII”, still the industry’s top ranker “FF VII” original staff reunited. A project to create “a title beyond the original” is starting full-scale.

Together with first-class creators, in a sense, challenging higher difficulty than creating new titles. It is a work that impacts the world as well as growth as a creator.

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