Pokémon GO is Setting Up to Add Regional Raid Bosses

It looks like Niantic are going to make some of your Pokémon GO adventures a little more regional as it appears the company is setting up more Raid bosses that will be regional. The news comes from PokemonGoHub.net who is reporting that based on their research, the company is setting things up so that specific areas of the world will have specific bosses they can fight that will make their battles feel a little more original and less like a global thing.

With the temporary Kanto raid bosses giving us a lot of time to think, but impeding our research, here is what we know below:

  • Walrein, Duskull and Pinsir are available as raid bosses in the areas where Latios currently resides as the legendary raid boss (North America, South America and Africa).
  • Houndoom, Shuppet, and Granbull are available as raid bosses in the areas were Latiascurrently resides as the legendary raid boss (Europe and Asia).

If the news is true, it’s kind of coll, but also sets the company up for another slew of complaints from Pokémon GO players that they essentially can’t catch them all or have the same shared experiences as everyone else in trying to bring down certain monsters. We’ll know in about a month if the news is true and see how it all shapes out.

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