Lying In The Gutters - 22nd April 2018 - DC ComicsGetting Fresh

Lying In The Gutters – 22nd April 2018 – DC ComicsGetting Fresh

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Welcome to Lying In The Gutters, Bleeding Cool’s weekly runaround of the most popular stories on the site through the week.

So what have other Bleeding Coolers been reading on Bleeding Cool? Well, Bleeding Cool’s news of a DC Fresh Start was very popular, but this was also the week of Action Comics – and a few Free Comic Book Day leaks as well. And what is happening with fresh start dc featured imageMarvel and Fox?… If you haven’t signed up for the Lying in the Gutters weekly email, you can do so here.

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Are We Getting a Fresh Start for DC Comics?
  2. David Tennant Plays Sneak Trick On Doctor Who Fan…
  3. Kevin Feige ‘Hoovering Up’ Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-Men for Marvel’s Phase 4? Dark Phoenix, the Last Fox X-Men Movie?
  4. Brian Michael Bendis to Reveal Everything You Knew About Superman Was Wrong, in Action Comics #1000
  5. Hydra Was Right? Ta-Nehisi Coates Kicks Off Free Comic Book Day’s Captain America (SPOILERS)
  6. Grant Morrison on Green Lantern – DC Fresh Start?
  7. How Neil Gaiman Stopped Sheldon Buying Action Comics #1000 on The Big Bang Theory
  8. Some People Just Realised The Action Comics #1000 Deluxe Hardcover Doesn’t Have Action Comics #1000
  9. Arrow Season 6: Season Finale Title Might Give Hint to Season 7
  10. What Happened to Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Doug Mahnke on Action Comics #1000?
  11. Grand Rapids Weatherman Goes on Viral Rant
  12. Amazing Spider-Man to Be a Sitcom Like Superior Foes Was… FCBD 2018 SPOILERS
  13. The Deaths in Next Week’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual #1
  14. The Best MCU Viewing Order to Get Ready for Avengers: Infinity War
  15. To Prepare for Amazing Spider-Man Run, Nick Spencer Read Every Spider-Man Comic
  16. Matt Fraction… Not on Jimmy Olsen? DC Fresh Stop?
  17. How Much Are Those Retailer Exclusive Action Comics #1000 Covers Selling For?
  18. David F. Walker on a Flash Comic? DC Fresh Start…
  19. Amazing Spider-Man #799 Sees #263 Jump to $30 on eBay (SPOILERS)
  20. J. Michael Straczynski Says With Current Warner Bros. Execs, Babylon 5 Never Going to Happen

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Kelly Sue DeConnick on Aquaman? DC Fresh Start…
  2. IDW to Cancel Lost Light and Optimus Prime as Unicron Brings Transformers Stories to an End
  3. Liam Sharp to Join Grant Morrison on Green Lantern? DC Fresh Start…
  4. Another Death for Power Rangers for Free Comic Book Day 2018? (SPOILERS)
  5. Brian Azzarello on Suicide Squad? DC Fresh Start?
  6. See The Thirteenth Doctor Make Her Comic Book Debut for FCBD 2018 (SPOILERS)
  7. FCBD’s Avengers Is a Direct Sequel to Marvel Legacy #1 (SPOILERS)
  8. Maybe… There Are Three Poison Ivys as Well at DC Comics? It’s The Only Way
  9. Image Comics Puts Late Comics Out of Their Misery, but Will Resolicit
  10. New Cloak and Dagger, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage Series for… Marvel Knights?

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