Some People Just Realised The Action Comics #1000 Deluxe Hardcover Doesn't Have Action Comics #1000

Some People Just Realised The Action Comics #1000 Deluxe Hardcover Doesn’t Have Action Comics #1000

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At the end of January, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the solicited Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Hardcover was changing its name to Action Comics: 80 Years Of Superman. It was too confusing it, seems, having two comics called Action Comics #1000.

But not everyone reads Bleeding Cool, it seems. I know, shocking. Not even some contributors. Because today a bunch of people got the Action Comics: 80 Years Of Superman hardcover from Amazon that came out in comic stores last week, and it is not what they thought it was, a deluxe hardcover version of tomorrow’s Action Comics #1000 comic. But a collection of stories across the eighty years…

And they are telling folk.

The moral of this story is… if you order well in advance, check closer to the date as to whether it has changed from what you ordered into a small Czechoslovakian post office or not. Unless of course, you ordered a small Czechoslovakian post office. Which you might have. In that case you’re golden…

Or return it to Amazon. Or buy it in a comic shop so you can see exactly what you’re buying when you do so…

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