DC Comics Inker Mike Decarlo Makes Appeal for His Wife Tracy Decarlo, in a Coma

DC Comics Inker Mike Decarlo Makes Appeal for His Wife Tracy Decarlo, in a Coma

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Mike DeCarlo is a comics artist best known for DC Comics work in the 1980s as an inker, working with the likes of George Pérez, Greg LaRocque, Keith Giffen, and Jim Aparo. Titles he worked on include Atari Force, Cartoon Network Block Party, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Fantastic Four, and Simpsons Comics as well as adaptations of the Warner Bros cartoons including Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Superman & Bugs Bunny.

He writes on GoFundMe.

On Saturday night, March 24th, 2018, at approximately 10pm, my wife Tracy DeCarlo left our hotel room to get 5 or 10 minutes of fresh air with a brief walk around the area. After 2 or 3 minutes, I felt awkward about letting her go alone, so I quickly dressed to go out and join her. To my horror, a crowd was already gathering around a fallen body in the adjoining hotel street and somehow I knew in my heart it was Tracy. It was. She had been struck by a car as a pedestrian. The driver, an 18 year old female, did NOT flee the scene and apparently was not impaired. However, she had NO valid license AND no insurance.

Tracy, at the moment I am writing this, is still Comatose. She had considerable Brain Trauma ( but not a hopeless degree of it ) and a fractured Pelvis, broken knee and ligament tears. She is in Emanuel Hospital ( Legacy Medical Center ) in their ICU and the costs to keep her alive will be at least 1 Million dollars or more. This is located in Portland Oregon.
I do have Medical coverage, but I can’t imagine what the amounts of money I will need over the next 6 or 8 months will accrue to. I certainly don’t have the many thousands of dollars this will eventually cost me.

I am hopeful that enough people care to help me out in this most dire of time in my/our life. It will cost between $10,000 to $20,000 alone just to bring her back to a proper hospital in Indiana from Oregon in addition to any costs incurred that insurance does not cover once she gets here.

This is going to be a long and VERY expensive fight. The sooner I can get the funds together, the sooner I can bring Tracy back to Indiana where her family can be with her while she hopefully recovers and comes back to us.

The fund is currently at over $12,000 and included $1000 donated by Paul Levitz, $250 from Joe Staton and Jess Terrell, $200 from Jimmy Palmiotti and Kieron Dwyer and $100 from Jerry Ordway, Bob Mcleod, David Mandel, Steven Grant, Greg Pak, Tom Lyle, Jonathan Case, Renee Witterstaetter, Arthur Adams and many more. DeCarlo also added

Words cannot express how grateful and the THANKS the DeCarlo family has to those who have been so generous.  We have three goals to hit .. $9,000 then $15,000 then $20,000 and anything above. We do not yet have a firm price for the Medivac to bring Tracy home and begin her long term care. We were told, as noted above, that it will be between $10,000 and $20,000 hence the multiple goals.  If we can reach those numbers, Tracy can get the care she needs without depleating what is left of the family’s entire savings.

We are off to a helluva start. THANK YOU for your continuing generosity.

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