Darkboy & Adler – Today’s LGBTQ Voodoo Comedy Comic of Choice

Darkboy & Adler is a new LGBTQ horror comedy comic coming from Dan Earey and Ed Bentley and they are giving it a Kickstarter boost. Dan Earey writes,

Our story follows the day to day exploits of a typical teenage boy. Adler is his name and he is struggling with the typical teenage things like unrequited love, uninterested parents, bullying and voodoo curses. Darkboy & Adler is a story about love and the crazy journey that ensues when external forces take hold and push a young boy to the dark side of his lovesick brain. This is a semi-autobiographical piece, which is very personal to us both. We would love you to join us as we bring this wild and unhinged love story to fruition.

Our story starts with a boy named Adler, just a typical teenager with typical teenage problems and an all-consuming crush on the Nowheresville Darkboys wrestling squad team captain: Jock. We join the story as Adler and his friends – Claudia, Darleen and Ho – are watching (and swooning) as Jock tramples the competition on another Friday night wrestling date night. Jock is all to familiar with Adlers crush and shortly afterwards decides to confront Adler – and his lovey eyes – with his fists, humiliating him in front of the whole school. In a petulant rage but no less hopeful, Adler marches home, piecing together the events in his mind when he stumbles upon a strange and magical voodoo book. The book seems to be enticing him with promises of power and of getting Jock to fall in love with him, Adler snatches it up and returns home. Perhaps it’s all just a joke, perhaps Adler is mad, perhaps this crazy voodoo book really will bring him all his heart desires… or maybe it will cause catastrophic zombie voodoo craziness and unleash the monster known only as DARKBOY into the world.

We have chosen to host this journey through Kickstarter as this gives us the platform to create a very strange and wonderful new comic book series. Darkboy & Adler is like nothing you have seen before. Currently, we have finished work on the origin story but hope to continue forward through many adventures with these characters with your help and get these comics into print.

As for the money we receive it will all go to the creation and creators of the comic. We will use it to help us create the best comic possible, getting the best letterers, editors and printers to really make this comic have a professional finish throughout.

Issue one is complete and ready to print. Here’s a preview…

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