Having Fun With the Mail in Yoku’s Island Express

Having Fun With the Mail in Yoku’s Island Express

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At the end of day three at PAX East, we found ourselves at the Team17 booth trying out several games with their crew, and the first one to come up on our list was a Nintendo Switch title called Yoku’s Island Express.  The game is actually kind of fun and takes the idea of living creatures on an island to a new cute level. You play an ant with a ball named Yoku who takes over the postal service for this particular island you’re standing on. In order for you to get around, you use a series of tunnels that are controlled by bumpers and flippers, much like a pinball machine, that will hurl you into specific directions that you’ll need to navigate.


We have to applaud the developers for coming up with a new and clever way of utilizing such an old-school mechanic that’s been around for decades and dressing it up in something new and innovative for the genre. It’s the perfect title for the Nintendo Switch, and good thing too as the game is set to be released sometime this year for that as well as PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This is the kind of game we’d personally spend hours on trying to beat it, so we can’t wait for it to be released.

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