Hitchhiker: First Ride Will Have You Questioning Your Own Sanity in Cars

If you’ve ever hitchhiked in your life, chances are you know the paranoia of not knowing who you’re with. Now add in a creepy mystery about who you actually are with a fixed POV and you get Hitchhiker: First Ride, which we tried out at PAX East. The game puts you into the role of a faceless hitchhiker who gets into the car of an older man who is just driving through the countryside eating raisins, but the moment you get in the car you get put into a position of having a specific perspective for certain points of the game. Sometimes you see the guy, sometimes you look out the window, sometimes you see things from outside the car or maybe looking at the dashboard. The game ties what happens to the memories people fixate on, only here you’re forced to have specific memories.

credit//Mad About Pandas

The game will also have you striking up a conversation with the driver and occasionally checking out objects, that could steer the conversation into areas you may not wish to go. It’s a very creepy game with one of the most pleasant settings you’ll ever find yourself in. We weren’t given a release date of any kind on Hitchhiker: First Ride, only that it was still in development at the time we got the demo. We hope to see it sometime this year if they manage to get it where they want it.

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