30 DC Covers You May Have Missed From Romita, Andrews, Brooks, and Frank and Michael Cho

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Check out these upcoming DC Comics covers for May and June 2018 shipping titles. As ever, you may have seen some of them – a few even on Bleeding Cool yesterday – but you won’t have seen most of them…

Ever since DC Rebirth began, DC Comics has been running variant covers for all their ongoing series, monthly and twice-monthly, with a regular variant artist for each title. However, they rarely run the variant covers with the initial solicitation or the second standard cover for twice-monthly comics. Which is where Bleeding Cool comes in, hoovering them up every month and presenting them to the viewing public for your delectation and pull-list planning purposes. Although there is the suggestion that this plan may be curtailed soon… watch those previews listings.

Okay, so which of these covers might move the needle as to which comics you may or may not pick up next month? Judge those books by their covers and tweet/Facebook/reddit out your favourites.

Time to dive deep! And let us know which of these comics you wish to judge by their covers.

Detective Comics #980 by Raul Fernandez and Alvaro Martinez.

Harley Loves Joker #1 by Frank Cho.

Batman #46 by Kaare Andrews.

Batman Beyond #20 by Viktor Kalvachev.

Cyborg #22 by Carlos D’Anda.

Cyborg #22 by Sam Lotfi.

Deathstroke #31 by Robson Rocha and Daniel Henriques.

Deathstroke #31 by Jerome Opena.

Flash #46 by Dan Panosian.

Green Lanterns #46 by Brandon Peterson.

Green Arrow #40 by Mike Grell.

Nightwing #44 by John Romita Jr.

Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles by Joëlle Jones.

Unexpected #1 by Ryan Sook foldout.

Batman #48 by Tony S Daniel.

Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Batgirl Vs Riddler by Rafael Albuquerque.

Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Red Hood Vs Anarky by Rafael Albuquerque.

Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Harley Vs Joker by Rafael Albuquerque.

Batwoman #16 by Michael Cho.

Detective Comics #980 by Rafael Albuquerque.

Detective Comics #982 by Mark Brooks.

Detective Comics #983 by Mark Brooks.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #23 by Guillem March.

Suicide Squad #43 by Francesco Mattina.

Future Quest Presents #11 by Nicola Scott.

DC Nation #0 by José Luis García López.

DC Nation #0 by Clay Mann.

DC Nation #0 by Jorge Jimenez.

Batman #50 by Mikel Janin.

DC Nation #1 by Mikel Janin.

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