WrestleMania 43: Asuka's Winning Streak Comes to a Shocking End at the Hands of Charlotte Flair

WrestleMania 43: Asuka’s Winning Streak Comes to a Shocking End at the Hands of Charlotte Flair

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Coming out to her dad’s music in the most regal entrance I’ve seen in a while, Charlotte Flair showed that she is still 100% the queen. Everything was gold — she had a throne, and even some faux Roman guards. This was without a doubt one of the most over-the-top entrances I’ve ever seen, and it was amazing. If the match was based on entrances, Flair would have won. Asuka come out in a fancy sparkling mask, and there is some merit to this being her first WrestleMania, but man.

The match started with a bang, and while my money was on Asuka, Flair had a serious shot. They both pinned each other early into the match, but Flair had the upper hand for much of the beginning. She has a mean streak, and we got to see a lot of it tonight against Asuka.

Asuka did get Flair into an Asuka Lock, but Flair returned the favor with a counter move. This was a very even booking, and every bit as exciting as I knew it would be.

And then Flair did it. She defeated Asuka. She did the impossible, and I am extremely shook. Wow — all I can say is wow. Flair earned that win, and Asuka’s streak has come to a shocking end.

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