WrestleMania 34: John Cena Walkout Cuts Short Charlotte Flair’s Victory

After an impressive 523 days, Asuka‘s undefeated streak came to an end against Charlotte Flair. As I wrote earlier, the two were matched very evenly, and it was an exciting and dramatic match. In the end, Flair did the impossible: she got Asuka into a submission. It was actually rather shocking!

Needless to say, everyone on social media and in the arena was extremely shocked. And while I was surprised too, I’m also glad. This is huge for Flair, and it humanizes Asuka. This will make her more exciting, and also less predictable. In the end, Asuka took the mic, announced Flair was indeed ready for Asuka, and they hugged it out.

This was a great ending to a match, but then WWE went and screwed it up — by getting John Cena involved.

I guess Cena must be in someone’s WrestleMania moment, no matter what. But congrats to Flair for doing the impossible — that was amazing.

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