Nia Jax Takes on Mickie James, Alexa Bliss Trash Talks from the Sidelines

You have to hand it to Mickie James. She’s been on the WWE Women’s Roster for years and has taken on some pretty impressive challenges. Recently she’s become Alexa Bliss‘s best friend, replacing Nia Jax. After some pretty harsh promo work with James and Bliss calling Jax a larger-than-life idiot, it’s clear the WWE is pushing Jax into the face role. It’s absolutely working, as the audience is willing and ready to buy that. After all, we’ve all been bullied in the past, and we all want to see Jax come out on top.

Last night on RAW James and Jax went one-on-one while Bliss stood outside the ring watching. James is a talented wrestler, but she’s basically there to lose matches. Seriously, I think I can count her recent wins on one hand. Going into the match I knew she would lose to Jax, and she did. This win for Jax is another victorious step towards her WrestleMania match with Bliss, and I sincerely hope they give the title to Jax. The Irresistible Force deserves this.

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