Prime Lorca, Section 31 and Season 2 - The Star Trek Discovery Roundtables at #WonderCon 2018 (VIDEO)

Prime Lorca, Section 31 and Season 2 – The Star Trek Discovery Roundtables at #WonderCon 2018 (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Leszczynski writes from WonderCon 2018.

Bleeding Cool had been invited to chat with the team that puts together CBS’s latest version of the Star Trek universe. As you will see in the videos, we had a really good time trying to squeeze any information we could about upcoming season 2. Let’s set our phasers to ‘fun’, and see what the makers of Star Trek: Discovery have to say.

First to join our away team is make up and special effects legend Glenn Hetrick ( Legion, The Hunger Games) and James MacKinnon (Star Trek: First Contact, Ant-Man) sit down to discuss how much work goes into the new look of the Klingons, different Klingon cultures, and the pitfalls of working with hi-Def cameras.

Jason Zimmerman, the Visual Effects Supervisor on the show, explains how his department doesn’t drive the story but helps it out, his favorite shots from season 1, and little of the process from script to screen.

When I beamed into the Press room earlier, everyone was talking about the teaser that just dropped at the Star Trek: Discovery panel! Apparently the “Will they, Won’t they?” teasing of Starfleet’s Section 31 has been answered, in the affirmative. Now we have the chance to speak to Alan van Sprang who plays Leland in the teaser, our first connection to the secretive Section 31. Alan turns out to be quite charming as he sits down to tell us about hvis role in the teaser, and little else.

In the interest of fairness I have included the teaser here since Alan had the shortest interview.

Production Designer Tamara Deverell sits down and joins our away team. Tamara tells us on the hush-hush about some additions to engineering and the Discovery for next season, her challenges from season 1, designing the ‘Mirror Universe’ the challenge of designing tech that chronologically fits between Enterprise and The Original Series.

Just as I am starting to think we will not get any spoilers for next season Executive Producers, and showrunners, Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts start off the roundtable by addressing the question everyone’s mind. Where is the Prime Lorca? They move on to and the core ideas, L’rell’s motivation, how we are going to sit down and get to know the Discovery crew a little better, and that thread thru all the characters. There was a problem with my replicator so this is two parts, please don’t panic.

Star Trek: Discovery’s composer, and former member of the 90’s rock band ‘Tonic”, Jeff Russo is now in the Captain’s chair fielding our questions about writing music for Anthony Rapp, when he became a Trekkie (Trekker?), what he loves about the show, and the pressure of writing a theme song for such an iconic show.

Property Master Mario Moreira and Costume Designer Gersha Phillips enter our orbit and tell us about the weirdest thing that has ever been repurposed as a Star Trek prop, which previous Trek series inspires their work, and how easy it is to get the Jet Propulsion Lab on the phone when “Star Trek” is on the phone.

Finally, the reH ‘IH Mary Chieffo who plays Klingon warrior joins us to talk about acting through makeup, playing Shakespeare, and how hard it is to learn Klingon, and ‘ej vaqwI’ m.

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