Blue Language, Blood and Headshots -The Suicide Squad WonderCon 2018 Roundtables (VIDEO)

Blue Language, Blood and Headshots -The Suicide Squad WonderCon 2018 Roundtables (VIDEO)

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As the sun sets slowly in the west I run to meet the Producer, writer, and voice talent for the soon to be released Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. let’s see what they had to say.

James Tucker, executive producer,  is the first to sit down and join our table to discuss Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. He begins by telling us that this is an “R” rated movie and that that will be quite apparent a few minutes into the movie. He discusses the relationship of the live action movie to animated version, the trend of the “R” rated animated features, the possible return of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a few things to expect from the upcoming The Death of Superman and how he decides who’s head get blown off. Watch till the end as James gets a nostalgic reflecting on his friend Adam West. this is the longest, but by far the best of our roundtables.

Next up to Bat (pun) is Hell to Pay screenwriter, Alan Burnett. Alan has spent his career writing Batman cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.  He discusses retired life, surprise villains, writing for an “R” rating and his love for the movie Logan. It was truly a treat to chat with such a legend in the industry.

Dania Ramirez (Heroes, Once Upon A Time), who plays the daughter of an immortal Scandal Savage, joins longtime friend and Heroes” co- star Greg Grunberg (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Heroes),  here to tell us about his character Steel Maxum. Dania discusses how exciting it is to play scandal and Once Upon A Time while Greg talks how fun his character is and filming Star Wars Episode 9.

(Ooops technical difficulties. We’ll have the first half of that audio up in no time, Folks.)

Finally, we are joined by Liam McIntyre (The Flash, Spartacus: War of the Damned), who plays Captain Boomerang, and Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood, Once Upon A Time), who lays down her vocal talents as Killer Frost. Kristen talks how much she loves playing a villain while Liam tries to explain why Captain Boomerang is always played by an “Aussie”, his research on the role, and how nice it is to wear pajamas to work instead of a loincloth. (Sorry for the dodgy audio at end.)

As you can see we are awarded tickets to the Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay premiere panel. Security was everywhere, but I snapped a few shots and the title card.

All I can say about the movie is WOW! James was not kidding. This is an “R” rated feature right from Jumpstreet, and you may be shocked by the content. Blue language, blood, headshots? There had to be at least a dozen bodies in the cold open alone. This ain’t yo daddy’s cartoon sonny.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, the 31st film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, is scheduled to be released digitally on March 27, 2018 and on DVD and Blu-ray on April 10, 2018.

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