What's In The Box?!: Loot Gaming - March 2018

What’s In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – March 2018

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This month’s Loot Gaming box arrived at our doorstep a little beaten up, like it crossed the wrong package and got into a fight along the way to our doorstep. But the contents inside were all still pristine which made us excited to check out what we received for the month of March, which this month focused on the theme of “Heroic”.

The first item that caught our eye was this wonderfully designed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bento box. The cover immediately drew us in as this is the design from the select screen in the SNES classic game Turtles In Time. It even retains the 16-bit artwork from the game. Inside you have your standard bento box design, which includes a top tray with two small sections, and the bottom which is one full section. The bottom also contained a plastic green fork and spoon so you always have a pair of utensils to go with it. The box came with a small black strap to keep it closed, along with a No BPA sticker to assure you that your food is being stored in a non-toxic plastic container. This is a treat for anyone who wants to feel like a kid again while having something modern for their food.

Next up is a wristband from The Legend Of Zelda. No specific game in the series if being featured, this is just a basic black design with a gold Hylian Crest to show off you’re a Zelda fan. There isn’t a lot to say about this since it is just a wristband, but we can confirm its stretchy enough for either kids or adults to wear. It’s a nice item to have, nothing too special, but not a waste either.

Going back to TMNT for a moment, this month’s pin in a pizza with a slice cut out of it. The enamel design is awesome on this one, as the mushrooms and pepperoni stand out, as well as the pieces of stretched cheese along the slice. The one downside to the pin is that it has a metal stopper on the back, and in this day and age of pin use, we’d love them to switch over to rubber stoppers to prevent damage to clothing and skin. That complaint aside, it’s a really awesome pin to have.

The next item on the list is perfect for this time of year, as convention season is now picking up with GDC this week and PAX East in two weeks time. LootGaming has provided us with a Mega Man lanyard for all of your badge needs, or just your keys and keycard for use at work. The nylon band is great quality with the Mega Man logo going around both sides, complete with a snap ring at the base and a plastic snap collar on the top. The bonus to this one is having a small plastic Mega Man hanging off the ring, just to add a little style to the lanyard. This is a really cool item that will get some use from us.

Moving into stand-alone items, the first one up is a Space Invaders vinyl figure from Taito, made exclusively for Loot Crate boxes. As you can see below you have a chance of getting one of three different designs, and we scored the purple-fade-to-blue look. There’s not a lot to write here as this is just a basic vinyl figure that has no additions or moveable parts, its basically here to sit on your desk or shelf and show off your love for a classic arcade title. We think its cool, if for anything to remind us of the good times playing the game.

The other figure to come in the mail was a Mega Man figure from Kid Robot, one of the special mystery box figures where you have different odds of getting different figures. This particular set was made of up enemies and allies of the very first Mega Man game. The particular figure we got was the red and white variant, which is the design he takes on when working with Rush. Which yes, we realize is a contradiction, since Rush didn’t appear in the series until Mega Man 3. But hey, you gotta get to 14 figures somehow, right? Apart from the arms and the head being able to move, he doesn’t really do anything else but pose for you. We can go either way on this one, as we would have much rather gotten the Yellow Devil figure.

While we’re on the subject of Mega Man, the poster in this month’s box is that of the artwork for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Kind of an interesting choice to make as it’s more of a collage poster for a recent release as opposed to focusing on a single game, but also odd that they didn’t go with Mega Man 2 or 3 as they are more of the iconic titles in the original series. The poster is really cool, but still has the issue of being a folded poster as opposed to a rolled up one, forcing us to deal with the creases. That being said, thsi is one of the better posters we’ve seen in a while.

Finally, the make or break item of every subscription box: the t-shirt. This month we get a Legend Of Zelda shirt, specifically for Ocarina Of Time. The black and white design is simplistic but also carries with it tons of memories as you’re presented with basically all the major foes in the game along with some of the more infamous baddies you have to contend with, while a silhouette of Link riding Epona with the Sword Of Time sits front and center. Th fabric is a thinner cotton material than normal, so expect it to stretch and shrink in the wash as it will be more skin-tight. This is an amazing design that we’re happy to add to our closet, no real complaints here.

Overall, this month’s LootGaming box was pretty awesome. The only items that were kind of a letdown were the Mega Man figure and the Zelda wristband, but even those were pretty minor complaints. This is one of those boxes that delivered with multiple items that we’ll use over and over and have on display for fun. If you didn’t sign up for this month’s box, you missed out big time.

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