Third Editions Announces a NieR: Automata Novel as Next Translation

Third Editions Announces a NieR: Automata Novel as Next Translation

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Thanks to the success of their current Kickstarter campaign for a second series of The Legend of ZeldaDark Souls, and Final Fantasy books, Third Editions has announced a translation of their NieR: Automata themed book as one of the campaign’s stretch goals. The NieR book is the next major stretch goal in the campaign, which has accrued €70,569 EUR of the campaign’s €60,000 EUR goal at time of writing. The NieR book will be a reality of the campaign hits €100,000 EUR. So, it’s not got that far to go, and the campaign still has nearly 20 days left.

The NieR book is specifically about the worlds of video game auteur Yoko Taro, who is most famous for creating NieRNieR: Automata, and Drakengard. The novel features a foreword by the Japanese director himself and is sure to be a hit for NieR fans.

While Third Editions did have plans to translate their Yoko Taro novel, the Kickstarter campaign’s success has caused them to think about fast-forwarding that process.

Further stretch goals for the campaign include a Third Editions newspaper, and a translation and collector’s edition based on the results of a backer poll. You can check out the Kickstarter here, as the campaign ends in just 19 days.

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