Techland Games Announces Roadmap for Pure Farming 2018 Patches

Techland Games Announces Roadmap for Pure Farming 2018 Patches

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Techland Games and dev studio Ice Flames has announced their post-launch development roadmap for the recently launched farming simulator Pure Farming 2018Pure Farming released on PC on March 13, 2018 to generally mixed reviews. Many of the detractors of the game have cited a ton of bugs, being unrealistic farming simulation that is far too much like an arcade game, a lack of support for external hardware like steering wheels, a lack of real time which causes crops to grow in the middle of sowing, poor worker AI, and not enough brands of farming vehicles to choose from. There are also problems with field of view adjustment, steering sensitivity, and some general quality of life problems.

Essentially, the general takeaway has been that Pure Farming 2018 is much more playable than the base version of it’s 2017 predecessor, but is still unfinished.

Based on the patch map put out by Ice Flames and Techland, it seems many of those problems are being worked on, though the earliest patches coming seem to fix the game’s internal controls and gameplay balance rather than adding any of the more ambitious projects. Which makes sense. You can’t acquire licenses for additional vehicles in a week.

While the map doesn’t address every criticism of the game, it does prove that the development team are listening to fans.

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