Square Enix Releases New Screenshots and Art for Octopath Traveler

If you’ve been wondering what Octopath Traveler is going to look like beyond what few images you’ve seen from the Nintendo Direct video, Square Enix has the solution for you as the company has released several images of artwork and screenshots from the game in action. The Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG now has images of Tressa Colozone, who is a merchant in the game who took a job aboard a merchant ship to seek out a new life for herself. She basically spends money on items she doesn’t own as part of her merchant skills, and can hire mercenaries in combat to fight for her, which is pretty awesome.

credit//Square Enix

The other primary image below in our gallery is of Alfyn Greengrass, who is an apothecary. He became one after he was saved by a traveling apothecary who saved his life without owing him anything. You use him to listen to people’s stories and gossip in town to get information, and as you might have guessed, he basically serves as your combat medic. Enjoy the images below as we slowly wait for the game to come out on July 13th.

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