ArcheAge Unleashes Fresh Start Servers and New Content with Patch 4.5 in April

Trion Worlds and XLGAMES have announced the release date for patch 4.5 of  ArcheAge, which brings along dragon mounts, some new content, and even two new progression fresh start servers. Patch 4.5 Legends Return is set to release on April 5, 2018.

The two progression servers, Nui for North America and Ezi for Europe, will function as two brand new servers with time-locked content. Nui and Ezi start with low caps and systems from the game’s original launch, slowly introducing major systems over time, like Castle Sieges, Hero Elections, and more. Marketplace restrictions will be in place to ensure that players are on even footing when the servers open, and gear progress will be restricted over several months, giving everyone the chance to reach the cap before it increases.

Its a little bit like EverQuest‘s retro-severs, but they’ll run from April all the way to the point where they catch up with the rest of ArcheAge. Which makes them a great starting point if you’re just looking to join the MMO. Saves you from trying to grind years of content in a few weeks’ time, which is the biggest argument against starting an MMO years after launch. The Fresh Start servers also function as a nice throwback for experienced ArcheAge players who miss the original version of the game. You can check out the Fresh Start progression schedule here.

Players have the option to create free accounts on the Fresh Start server on launch day, or they can secure their names prior to launch by pre-ordering a Legends Return Entry Pack. Silver Entry packs are $9.99 USD while Platinum Entry packs are $99.99 USD.

Of course, no fantasy MMO would be worth a thing without the ability to ride on a dragon, which is why Dragon Mounts are coming with version 4.5. Dragons can be raised and used as battle mounts in the new update, which presents a fully featured questline exploring the power of the Red Dragon raid boss. Players will work with Daru trainers to gain items to raise and mount a dragon, which come in red, green, and black varieties. Dragons can also be outfitted in armor to increase their stats and prowess.

Lastly, Legends Return will see the implementation of Shadow Invasions. These invasions will occur when a major world boss dies as a new set of rift events. The Shadow itself will lash out at players to avenge the death of the boss, so weathering the invasion will net you some rare materials, Gilda Stars, and other shiny goods.

ArcheAge is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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