WWE Fastlane: Ruby Riot Looks to Dethrone Charlotte Flair

WWE Fastlane: Ruby Riot Looks to Dethrone Charlotte Flair

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After months of buildup, Ruby Riot takes on the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair on tonight’s WWE Fastlane.

With the title on the line, the two women kicked things off as soon as the bell rang. The two have studied one another over these past months, so they were able to predict each other’s moves fairly easily. But don’t let that fool you — this was an exciting match from the get-go. Flair is a powerful woman, and she wasn’t scared to use her strength to throw Riot around.

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan also showed up, threatening to take on Flair as well. This didn’t go over well with Naomi and Becky Lynch, who came to Flair’s aid. Riot looked great tonight, though. She’s not afraid of using the ropes or turn buckles, landing some impressive moves against Flair. At one point, Riot got Flair into a painful-looking straightjacket move for some time, but Flair persisted.

Riot got some close calls with pins throughout the match, which she had to work for. But after a beautifully executed spear and figure four, Flair retained her title.

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