A Complete List of Achievements is Released for A Way Out

In case you were curious about how in-depth the achievements were going to be for Electronic Arts’ next Xbox One title, A Way Out, you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s not a lot to do. ExoPhase managed to get the complete list, which we have for you below, to which we all discovered there are only 14 total achievements to be done. We’d wish you luck, but looking at the list, we don’t think you’ll need much.

credit//Electronic Arts
  • Take A Breather — You took a break from it all.  80 GS
  • Freedom — You freed someone from captivity. 50 GS
  • In Sync — Music was played in harmony. 80 GS
  • Timeless Treasure — You linked up to get past. 100 GS
  • No Cheating — You exposed some infidelity. 50 GS
  • Break From Reality — You played a videogame with a friend. 50 GS
  • Mayday! — You almost took to the skies. 50 GS
  • Managed Anger — Dark desires done right 80 GS
  • Live The Dream — “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” 100 GS
  • Backseat Mechanic — You helped fix the bike. 50 GS
  • Take It For A Spin — You did what the wind couldn’t. 80 GS
  • You Started It — Not kids anymore. 80 GS
  • The Dip — You set a new record. 100 GS
  • Home Run — You are clearly good with a bat. 50 GS

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