Ubisoft, Politics, and Far Cry 5: Bleeding Cool Games Chatter Episode 3

Ubisoft, Politics, and Far Cry 5: Bleeding Cool Games Chatter Episode 3

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Far Cry 5 is set to hit at a very interesting time in American politics, but it does raise a number of questions about developer Ubisoft Montreal’s history with political commentary in previous Far Cry games, the Assassin’s Creed series, and even in Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The questions we had were many, including things like “who thought this was a good idea?” and “do we really need this game?” But the answers were somewhat more difficult to uncover. So we decided to base a whole episode of our Games Chatter show around the subject of Ubisoft, Politics, and Far Cry 5.

This time around, I was joined by fellow games writers Gavin Sheehan and Patrick Dane with Bleeding Cool dogsbody Eliot Cole and swing writer and former columnist Adi Tantimedh. Our opinions on Ubisoft as a whole were pretty varied, making this one fascinating discussion on the dangers of a homogeneous writers room, the tendency for AAA publishers to focus on game scripts last, and the over-reliance on the white savior trope.

While I can’t say for sure if we answered all of our questions (or yours for that matter), we do have some hope that Far Cry 5 will be the game to get the politics right.

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