P.T. Made With PS1 Graphics Is Still Frightening

If you’re not familiar with what P.T. is, a quick history lesson. This was a small demo game that was released for the PS4 that served as a jump-scare teaser for what would eventually turn into Silent Hills. As we all know, that never came to be for various reasons we know and we’re sure dozens more we don’t know. But the demo itself stands as one of the best pieces of teaser gameplay released in the past decade as it got a lot of people talking about a game long before it ever was to see daylight.


As sort of a tribute to that accomplishment, the YouTube channel 98DEMAKE created their own version of P.T. as if the game were made back in the heyday of the original PlayStation getting horror-based games. Below is a fun and still creepy video showing off what the game might have looked like had it been released two decades earlier, with all the weird moving polygon action you might expect from 1998. We warn you, if you didn’t like the version of P.T. that was released in the modern era of gaming, you’re probably not going to like this version any better. Enjoy!

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