Matt Reeves Denies Rumors That He’s Leaving The Batman

The future of the DC Extended Universe has been up in the air to say the least. Now that Justice League has come and gone with almost no impact one way or another it’s time to start looking ahead. Aquaman comes out this year and casting is on the way for Wonder Woman 2. Joss Whedon has stepped away from Batgirl, they’re shooting Shazam! right now, they’re working on a contract for the Flashpoint directors, and the director of Nightwing remains committed to the production.

There are still a lot of other DC projects that are sitting in limbo and one of them is The Batman as directed by Matt Reeves. We haven’t heard a lot about the movie in awhile so rumors have started up that Reeves was stepping away. He took to twitter today to dissuade those rumors.

The fan in question was asking Reeves to say “it aint so” to the rumors that he was leaving the production so, for now, he remains on the production. There still isn’t a start date and we have no idea whether the casting is going to stick since it seems like Ben Affleck changes his mind about being Batman every other week. We don’t know if it this is going to out after Flashpoint which is rumored to be a soft reboot of the entire DC Extended Universe. For now we know that Reeves remains on the production and it’s still moving forward. It’s anyone’s guess as to when this movie is going to happen and what kind of state it’s going to arrive in.

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