A Little Mindless Speculation Over Marvel's Fresh Start

A Little Mindless Speculation Over Marvel’s Fresh Start

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At the infamous Marvel retailer summit in March last year that ICV2 candidly reported from, they quoted Senior VP David Gabriel as saying “I’m going to tell you, the limited series is the death knell. The only place that it hasn’t been a death knell, which is amazing, is on the Star Wars stuff.  Anytime we’ve called something a limited series, it did not hurt the sales at all.  You call anything else in the Marvel Universe a limited series, it’s dead on arrival.”

Something that may be noted of late is the gradual return at Marvel of the limited series for Marvel’s so-called Fresh Start. Domino, Ant-Man & Wasp, You Are Deadpool, Quicksilver: No Surrender, these are all comics that are scheduled – or will have trade paperbacks scheduled – alongside upcoming movies, but none of them have to have the weight and expectations of an ongoing series on their shoulders. They can be published, the film comes out, the DVD comes out and they can finish. If they do well, launch an ongoing.

And being open and honest that they are mini-series from the start, there’s no embarrassment when the books end and look like they were cancelled. And also stops everyone presuming that every new series is just a mini-series in disguise and is bound to be axed.

What’s the betting that the recent Bleeding Cool-noticed Cloak and Dagger series will also be a mini-series to accompany the TV series? With someone like Rainbow Rowell or Christina Strain writing?

Other dots… the CBR interview with Cullen Bunn saw him talking about X-Men Blue up until the end of the Mothervine arc that ends in May. X-Men Gold is looking conclusion heavy in May with the X-Men Wedding tie-in. Could we be looking at an X-Men relaunch as well? Something using adjective Uncanny every week? Kelly Thompson is writing for the Wedding issue, does she have more X-Men to write in June?

Just mindless speculation before ECCC… and if you missed it, you can read a Domino #1 preview here – expect colour pages for the weekend.

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